Thursday 9th March 2017 – World Kidney Day

09 March 2017 – Radio Fox supports World Kidney Day. This is a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys.

Over two million people in the UK are already suffering from moderate to severe kidney disease (CKD), but it is estimated a further one million people have kidney damage without knowing it. However, depending on the problem, early diagnosis and treatment can help slow down any further damage to the kidneys. Left unchecked, unfortunately CKD can lead to kidney failure which requires treatment by dialysis or a kidney transplant. There are many causes of CKD, high blood pressure and diabetes being the most common. Some people inherit genetic defects which cause CKD, for example polycystic kidney disease. There are little or no symptoms in the early stages and even when symptoms do appear at more advanced stages, they are not specific with patients feeling generally tired and unwell.  To find out more visit


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