The Birthday Shows on Radio Fox

21 April 2017 – On Sunday 23rd April Radio Fox will be 29 years old!

The Sunday Birthday Schedule music all day on Radio Fox

6am The Sunday Breakfast Show with Shelley Taylor the Early Bird
8am Pirate Dayz with Andy Valentine – Splice the vinyl with the Salty Seadog
10am Matt’s Music Box with Matt Leo, tune in for great music
12pm Brenda’s Bag – Radio Fox’s cleaning lady Brenda Bradshaw plays her favourite music
1pm Alan T and his Famous Musical George’s Theme Show
3pm Andy Valentine & Liz Wotherspoon with the Golden Oldie Show
4pm The Early Eve Show with Eve Santamaria
6pm The Sunday Selection with Richard Leatherland
8pm The Seventies Scene with Ruth Carroll & Richard Leatherland
9pm Foxy plays the patients favourite music
10pm Listen again to Jazz Junction
11pm The Szlamp Collection – Our Birthday Edition hosted by Witold Szlamp

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